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We are not the biggest, not the most well-known nor the highest revenue generating partner for MarkLogic, whose partner ecosystem includes well known firms such as Cognizant, Northrup Grumman and TCS.  As an Enterprise NoSQL database platform supporting major financial institutions, the world’s largest publishing firms, media and entertainment giants and many of the well-known government organizations that ensure our national safety, you’d expect to have a focus on large, well-known partners with hundreds of consultants to deploy on short notice. Then there’s us:  an 80-person boutique technology consulting firm headquartered outside of LA.

Yet, General Networks was honored alongside Intel, Cognizant and SmartLogic at MarkLogic World 2016 that took place in San Francisco this month.  Why?  As an employee owned technology and solutions integrator, General Networks has deep technical expertise and a strong commitment to its customers and partners. While small in numbers, our team earned the MarkLogic Partner Excellence Award by exceeding expectations for embracing and mastering the MarkLogic platform approach and technologies.  Across all Practices—SharePoint, ServiceNow, OpenText, M-Files, DocuSign–our Solutions Consultants and Architects are trained, mentored, experienced in and certified in the technologies they deliver solutions on, ensuring our customers receive high value from our work, and a great experience.  We currently employ a number of MarkLogic Certified Systems Administrators and Certified Developers on staff.

There is another reason why General Networks was selected for an Excellence Award at this year’s event. MarkLogic recognizes partner effort and dedication, independent of their size and stature in the industry.  The General Networks’ team has been warmly welcomed by the organization, given access to key contacts, free training and support throughout sales and implementation process.  And for that, we say “Thank you, MarkLogic!”

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