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esignifi - Integrate DocuSign Electronic Signatures into ServiceNow Workflows

eSignifi, recently launched by General Networks, is an app that seamlessly integrates DocuSign with the ServiceNow platform. Prior to eSignifi, users had to leave the ServiceNow platform to take full advantage of DocuSign. Now, users across multiple business units can combine ServiceNow’s automation, streamlining, and structuring power with DocuSign’s electronic signature capabilities.

Extract More Value From Your ServiceNow Investment

eSignifi lets you extract more value from your ServiceNow investment. Because users are contained in a single, efficient workflow, they can obtain electronic signatures anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This helps drive key business operational goals such as:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Faster document signing decreases the time it takes to obtain customer signatures, making expedited transactions the new standard.
  • No More Manual Signature Costs: Obtaining manual signatures is a time consuming, costly business process. With DocuSign, your paper, ink, faxes, mailing, tracking services, preparation, and reconciliation expenditures are significantly decreased.
  • Supporting Business Horizontals: Human resources, finance, information technology, purchasing, marketing, sales, legal, and project management can obtain, sign, and share documents across departments instantly.

eSignifi Makes an Immediate Impact

Whether it’s onboarding new staff or exchanging contracts between external entities, eSignifi will help you reduce costs and boost document workflow productivity.

eSignifi is available today in the ServiceNow App Store.


Learn more about eSignifi and view a demo at