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What’s New in SharePoint Communication Sites – Branding, Layouts and Customizations

This past January, SharePoint Saturday-San Diego attendees were treated to a number of informative and inspiring presentations  and the exchange ideas with colleagues and Microsoft MVP’s.  Leading experts in the SharePoint Community were in attendance from Southern CA and throughout the US. With temperatures in the 70’s on a bright sunny Southern CA winter day, it was likely a treat for the folks that visited from the Midwest and East Coast as well!


Owen Runnals, our Director of Professional Services, presented on a topic that struck a chord for the attendees of many organizations who are looking to refresh, upgrade or build out their intranets in SharePoint.  Overwhelmingly, folks are looking for something new, fresh and modern for their users.  Owen’s presentation of “What’s New with SharePoint Communication Sites – Branding, Layouts and Customizations” covered a lot of ground, including: 

Communication Sites Overview – What’s the modern intranet include? 

  • Organizational news 
  • Communication sites 
  • Hub sites 
  • Portals and search 

Communication Sites Branding – How do you make your intranet look great? 

  • Logos 
  • Navigation options including new megamenu 
  • Theming – color and font 
  • Content structure 
  • Custom themes 
  • Mobile experience 

Site designs and site scripts to automate the custom configuration 

Roadmap – What’s coming when? 

  • Site Branding 
  • Site Designs 

Resources – Where to go for inspiration, advice and guidance  

Here’s a link to a PDF of the presentation deck: 

What’s New in SharePoint Communication Sites:  Branding, Layouts and Customizations 

Final Words…

The real magic, though, is in seeing a live demonstration of the features.  If you are embarking on a corporation intranet project and seeking a qualified partner to help bring your vision to life with the new, modern Communication site template, Team sites, or other SharePoint and O365 solutions, please reach out to me at any time to begin the discussion! 

Cathy Ashbaugh,