When that was completed, I typed “Adjust this to a manufacturing company’s needs.”  Bing responded:

“Microsoft 365 Copilot is a new AI-powered feature that helps you create and manage your work documents more efficiently and effectively. Copilot can:

  • Generate Outlook emails, Word documents, and PowerPoint decks based on your context and preferences.
  • Automate data analysis in Excel using natural language queries.
  • Pull relevant points from the transcript of a Microsoft Teams meeting.
  • Teach you Office features and tips using a chatbot interface.
  • Integrate with your company’s security, compliance, and privacy policies.

Copilot is especially useful for manufacturing companies that need to:

  • Communicate with customers, suppliers, and partners in a clear and professional manner.
  • Analyze production data, inventory levels, quality metrics, and market trends in Excel.
  • Collaborate with team members across different locations and time zones using Microsoft Teams.
  • Learn new ways to optimize workflows and processes using Office apps.

Copilot is currently being tested with 20 customers, including eight in Fortune 500 enterprises. It is expected to be available for Microsoft 365 subscribers later this year.”

In summery

This technology is going to have a big impact on how we all work. The ability to generate meaningful text and graphics (the image above was generated byt OpenAI’s Dalle) is a game changer in productivity.  And Copilot is coming to your desktop soon.  The technology is already available via Bing, OpenAI, and many others.  Expect to see similar products coming from Google as well if your using Google Workplace instead of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft’s CEO posted this: The Future of Work with AI   It’s a bit long (36 minutes) but watching the first few minutes will give you the general direction Microsoft is going.  Here is a shorter video that really shows hoe the technology works. (Added to the post 3/22/23)

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