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Integrating ServiceNow with DocuSign

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_wp_text]I have been working on integrations between ServiceNow and DocuSign for several years so I thought it might be useful to do a quick blog post on the options.  The good news is that both ServiceNow and DocuSign are extensible with open APIs. This makes it possible to combine the two in powerful, flexible, and creative ways.   What are your integration options?  Build using ServiceNow JavaScript […]

Covid-19 and Security: What’s Changed?

What’s the landscape for security in the Work From Home (WFH) era or Covid-19 While the basics of security and the threats have not changed much, the landscape has changed significantly.  While most organizations are not working from the office, the normal situation of “build a security wall” and put important resources behind it is […]

Platinum Sponsors of the Office 365 Saturday San Diego 2020

The Compass365 division of General Networks is this year’s Platinum sponsor of the newly rebranded Office 365 Saturday in San Diego.  This event will take place at the Microsoft offices in La Jolla.  Formerly known as SharePoint Saturday, this exciting event is happening on January 25, 2020. Office 365 Saturday is a free event for the SharePoint and Office 365 community and […]

Microsoft, Google and Apple all agree: Use Multi Factor Athentication (MFA or 2FA)

“When both Google and Microsoft are recommending the same thing, it’s probably a good time to start following their advice.” – ZDNet With the “big 3” in agreement, it’s time to listen.  Apple no longer makes it optional.   Microsoft says it stops 99.9% of hack attempts and requires it for any Microsoft Partner with […]