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Integrating ServiceNow with DocuSign

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_wp_text]I have been working on integrations between ServiceNow and DocuSign for several years so I thought it might be useful to do a quick blog post on the options.  The good news is that both ServiceNow and DocuSign are extensible with open APIs. This makes it possible to combine the two in powerful, flexible, and creative ways.   What are your integration options?  Build using ServiceNow JavaScript […]

Streamline and Accelerate Your ServiceNow Workflows with DocuSign Electronic Signatures

General Networks created eSignifi for ServiceNow customers who want to leverage the power of DocuSign’s electronic signature solution within their existing ServiceNow workflows. Explore how this integration can enhance the value of your ServiceNow platform investment. eSignifi Puts DocuSign into Your ServiceNow Workflows eSignifi allows you to enable DocuSign within your ServiceNow workflow. With DocuSign, […]

Seamlessly Integrate DocuSign Electronic Signatures into ServiceNow Workflows with eSignifi

eSignifi, recently launched by General Networks, is an app that seamlessly integrates DocuSign with the ServiceNow platform. Prior to eSignifi, users had to leave the ServiceNow platform to take full advantage of DocuSign. Now, users across multiple business units can combine ServiceNow’s automation, streamlining, and structuring power with DocuSign’s electronic signature capabilities.