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Covid-19 and Security: What’s Changed?

What’s the landscape for security in the Work From Home (WFH) era or Covid-19 While the basics of security and the threats have not changed much, the landscape has changed significantly.  While most organizations are not working from the office, the normal situation of “build a security wall” and put important resources behind it is […]

International Recruiting System

Client: Multinational Entertainment Company Date: 07/07/2012 Info: Created an online recruiting portal See how we helped an international company create an online recruiting portal using Microsoft SharePoint and custom .NET Websites Business Case A multinational entertainment company recruits and hires from many countries around the world. Through the hiring process the recruiters collect many different documents and pieces […]

IT for Financial Services

Client: Financial Services Firm Date: 3/24/14 Info: General Networks Technical Services Case Study No internal IT? No problem! This firm needed us to design, plan and implement a new network to replace its parent company technologies. Challenges Financial Services firm with 110 employees in four cities that was a new organization, in the process of separating from a […]

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