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SharePoint Case Study | Replacing a Legacy Document Management System with a Customized SharePoint Solution

SharePoint Case Study Background General Networks was asked to replace a legacy document management system with a SharePoint-based solution for a public policy research organization. First, we conducted an environment assessment and user interviews and discovered the Project Management department had been using an old version of Oracle I/PM for document archiving and project proposal […]

Streamline and Accelerate Your ServiceNow Workflows with DocuSign Electronic Signatures

General Networks created eSignifi for ServiceNow customers who want to leverage the power of DocuSign’s electronic signature solution within their existing ServiceNow workflows. Explore how this integration can enhance the value of your ServiceNow platform investment. eSignifi Puts DocuSign into Your ServiceNow Workflows eSignifi allows you to enable DocuSign within your ServiceNow workflow. With DocuSign, […]

Joe Woes | Why You Should Save Your Files to SharePoint!

Click to Enlarge SharePoint Administer, Joe Woes, is about to lose his mind! The sales guy’s hard drive just crashed, and he lost all of his sales proposals and many of his other important business documents. If only he had followed corporate policy and saved everything to the company’s SharePoint drive.  Sound familiar? Are you like Joe…frustrated because your […]

General Networks is Awarded Partner Excellence Award at MarkLogic World 2016

We are not the biggest, not the most well-known nor the highest revenue generating partner for MarkLogic, whose partner ecosystem includes well known firms such as Cognizant, Northrup Grumman and TCS.  As an Enterprise NoSQL database platform supporting major financial institutions, the world’s largest publishing firms, media and entertainment giants and many of the well-known […]

Office 365 Fast Track Planning – Use the Software Assurance (SA) benefits you’re already paying for

In 2014, Microsoft reported to its partners that less than 18% of its customers who were eligible for planning services had actually reserved the right to use those services. Yes, you read that correctly.  Microsoft not only offers eligible customers planning services, but 82% of these eligible customers have not taken advantage of services they’d […]