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Our customers look to us as experts when their existing technology becomes unreliable or obsolete; when they have new operational goals to achieve; and when they need to address risks like downtime and security breaches.  Our goal is to provide the best possible service in a timely manner.


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What our clients are saying...

“I really liked that they are local and can come here when needed. They’re very hands-on…We speak the same language; it’s so easy to communicate with them…They have no problem communicating with my staff and keeping me in the loop…The staff all own a piece of the company, which shows me that they all care about their policies, practices, and how they do business. Everyone wants to do a good job because they want their business to grow. Its ownership model benefits me as a customer because they all take pride in their company”.

“I’ve been doing office administration work for 20 years and this is the best IT support company I’ve had. Some IT support companies can be defensive or unpleasant when you approach them with issues. Contrary to that, [GenCare] and their team are always respectful, patient, and helpful. They’re well-liked throughout my entire 40-person staff.”

“They always take care of things right away. There’s less downtime on our system compared to our old partner. Our employees are happy when speaking with them or emailing them for support issues. They are quick to respond and solve problems quickly. They’ve been great. They care and are very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with. We’re very happy that we found them.”

“We weren't happy with our original IT provider, so we started looking around and came across GenCare. They have been great to work with and are always able to resolve our issues very quickly. They're very responsive and good about documenting everything, and their responsiveness and accessibility sets them apart from other providers.”

“We needed a new managed services provider due to our unhappiness with our previous vendor. GenCare has proved to be a significant upgrade over a previous vendor who failed to effectively solve frequently occurring issues. Their responsiveness and technical skills continue to stand out as this partnership moves into its fifth year. We cannot afford to have our network down for a long period of time because time is money for our firm. GenCare has done a great job of being responsive, and they deal with any issues we have quickly and effectively. Our previous provider would simply patch issues that would reappear later. With GenCare’s support, we no longer have those issues.”

“They respond right away when we contact them, and it’s not an auto-reply, but a real, social contact. They work quickly so they can address most of the issues right away - usually within an hour. We've been able to avoid any interruptions in our workflow because of GenCare’s continuous support. If one of our computers or servers goes down, we'll go out of business. GenCare has been on top of everything and immediately fixed any problem we’ve had.”

“GenCare has been our primary IT provider for over ten years. They have helped us identify problems that we didn’t realize we had and resolved them very efficiently. They were extremely cooperative and stayed on schedule and budget. I can’t say enough good things about their work. Their project management was outstanding. In terms of scheduling and communication, they were better than any service provider I’ve worked with. They were well-prepared for our weekly status meetings over the phone, and they always sent summaries after the meeting.”

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Charities We've Donated To

Every time we meet our most important internal success metric for a client onboarding, project, or support case, we make sure to pass along the good feelings of a job well done. We ask our specific end client who was affected to choose a charity from a vetted list, and we make a small donation in their name. Here are a few charities we donated to in our customers’ names:

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