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Do you have a written IT security policy?

Rather than blindly trusting your system’s security to hold, security solutions from GenCare get you in control of security and answer the following questions:

1. What can go wrong?
2. What are we going to do about it?
3. How are we going to document and enforce that?

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Stop Playing Whack-A-Mole

New vulnerabilities pop up all the time, and small businesses are handed a mallet and asked to whack away. Too often, these clients also wait until a breach to examine the full list of what could go wrong.

So the question becomes this…

“You and your IT systems – who owns who?” 

With GenCare’s approach, you have ownership over your critical systems when:

A laptop or cell phone is lost
An email account is breached
A password is compromised
A malicious email is received
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Our Solution

Along with our partners and Microsoft, we secure client systems based on commercially-reasonable practices. We focus on that commercially-reasonable standard to ensure there’s a purpose behind the changes we bring.  Some of the things we do differently:

  • Our clients have written security policies provided by one of our independent partners. These policies cover your actual industry regulations (like HIPAA and NIST) and your specific operations (like PCI for credit card processing).  These are policies that everyone can understand, including business leaders, auditors, security experts, and your employees.
  • We use a “zero-trust” model of trusted identities and devices to ensure only the right people and computers can access your most important applications, and can access them simply and quickly.
  • We employ soft security measures that favor users, rather than hard ones, which often stop businesses from running. Soft security uses context to identify the difference in risky and trusted scenarios, in the background, so businesses can stay in the foreground. This means that even though we require Multi-Factor authentication for all our clients, we make that experience more pleasant by bypassing the active second factor when connecting from a trusted device or location.
  • We establish a single-sign on identity and access to keep things simple for your employees.

Ensure your business is ready for anything

Learn how GenCare can support your business and help you out of challenging IT binds. 

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