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When Disaster Hits

Too often, these key questions go unasked or unanswered…
  • How many days can your business survive without email?
  • What would your employees do if your servers went down for 8 hours? How about a week?
  • How would you process and bill without your systems?
  • What would happen to your customer relationships without timely communication?
  • How risky is putting off DR planning?


disaster recovery

We address this by digging into the cost-benefit analysis of high-pressure, deadline-driven businesses that need their systems to be resilient.  As part of a free consultation, we’ll identify risks and dependencies and present the costs of filling these gaps, so you can decide for yourself which risks are acceptable, and which are not.  This is part of every server infrastructure discussion we have.

We can also make this disaster recovery plan part of your written information security plan.

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