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Why We Do IT Support, and Who We Support

GenCare has been providing top-notch LA IT support since 1986. We take pride in serving our customers, both onsite and remotely, because we see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ missions. Our clients’ missions vary widely, from furniture manufacturers to mental health service providers to country clubs to escrow companies helping families move into their first home. We would be honored to take on your mission as our own. While you pursue your mission, we want to help your staff accomplish more: working where they want, when they want, without the tech distractions, and with a 15-minute response time when things break.

These Are Our Clients Favorite Things:

  • 15-Minute response time
  • Diagrams and documentation make decisions easy
  • Remote and onsite support
  • No year-long commitment Required
  • One monthly number, no extra for onsite
  • We can support your old systems – no rip-and-replace necessary
  • One-stop-shop– we take care of all service + hardware + software!
  • A partner network means we can also recommend cabling companies, ERP consultants, and more.

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    Testimonials - Join Our Happy Customers

    Our clients tell us that our support combines the personal connection they want with the results they need. Each of our clients has a favorite helpdesk rep they know by name. Here’s what they say in their own words:

    Johnny Yoon has always been there for me. He doesn’t just fix a problem, he takes the time to explain the what and why of both the problem and the solution. I always learn from him. My only question is why aren’t there 6 stars as that’s how many I’d give him. Thanks for everything Johnny!

    Michelle Basili – SME Entertainment

    Eric is one of the most diligent, knowledgeable, and professional people I have ever had the pleasure to work with, AND he’s just a really, really nice guy to talk to! Cannot thank him enough for his never-ending patience every time I call him for help…and I call ALOT!

    Karen Escano – Barton, Klugman, & Oetting LLP

    More recently was the phone change over and Annant was super helpful and high touch, verified everything was exactly the way we wanted it, and made sure everyone was up and running before our switch-over, which we expedited to just a week timeline from green light to switch.

    Mindy Kindhart – Delray Lighting

    Corey Shapoff
    Corey Shapoff
    02:36 08 Jan 21
    I’ve worked with many technology consultants over my 30 years in business and Johnny Yoon is hands down the best tech... consultant I’ve ever had. No matter what tech issue I’m having on my desktop, laptop, or phone, Johnny can always figure out the problem! I highly recommend Johnny!Corey E.ShapoffPresidentSME EntertainmentA Division of Live Nation Entertainmentread more
    Dean Sells
    Dean Sells
    22:00 22 Oct 20
    I just felt the need to reach out and let you know that I consider Eric to be nothing short of Amazing. Anything that... is requested of him is met with such a timely response that is not only affirmation that he has received the request, but more times than not, also informing that it is complete.In addition, no matter how much is going on with the needs we have at times, his demeanor is top notch professional while at the same time pleasant and upbeat.I’ve been with my company for years now, and Eric has always been a life saver. I hope that I’m never unlucky enough to know what it is to not have him there. My only regret is that I did not share this with you sooner.Thank you for your more
    Ryan Tomaz
    Ryan Tomaz
    17:28 02 May 20
    General Networks has been an absolutely indispensable partner over the years. As an independent IT contractor I from... time to time run into projects that are beyond the scope of my individual abilities but Jeff and his team have always had my back and helped to ensure optimal outcomes on every project. To be clear I don't call them up to fix minor issues (though I am sure they can fix those as well), I only bring them the really hard cases and they always have a solution for me. I have also used them to source new hardware and am always impressed by how competitive their pricing is. If you need a reliable and professional team to keep your IT running safely and reliably then General Networks is an excelent choice!read more
    Curtis Riddle
    Curtis Riddle
    19:14 30 Apr 20
    Excellent Customer Support.Very responsive and personable, I worked with Johnny, not only did he take care of my... issues but has followed up.Thank you for the great experience!read more
    Mindy K
    Mindy K
    18:42 17 Apr 20
    I would recommend General Networks to anyone who needs assistance with their IT management. I have emailed them with... all sorts of small to large issues and always get a response in an acceptable time frame. The first time I was super impressed with them is when they sent John out the next day after my call and replaced a hard drive that had suddenly died on us. He did his best to save our data and took care of it all in one trip. Their staff is really friendly, Eric helps me out all the time on the daily it seems with random questions and functionality, Lee helped us with our recent email migration and Jeff always calls after a major incidence to make sure everything is okay and to illicit any feedback for them, good or bad. More recently was the phone change over and Annant was super helpful and high touch, verified everything was exactly the way we wanted it and made sure everyone was up and running before our switch-over, which we expedited to just a week timeline form green light to switch. If only all IT departments were this easy to get in contact with!read more
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    Technical Solutions


    GenCare teams up with a partner specializing in security policy to provide a comprehensive approach. To their security policy expertise, we add our baseline infrastructure security implementation and enforcement expertise.

    Together, our security offering covers all the areas that your board of directors, legal counsel, data privacy expert, HIPAA officer, and government auditors are likely to ask about.

    Lowering Risk with Azure

    We remove a ton of management & systems costs, plus a huge amount of risk and responsibility when get rid of our clients’ servers and move them to Azure.

    We will work with you to identify a new home in the cloud for each of your servers, and even help destroy your old hard drives when you finally get rid of your last on-site server. Imagine a world with no more server upgrade projects!

    Remote Access

    We have multiple ways to provide fast, effective, and budget-friendly remote access. Our goal is to open up new scenarios for your teams. Have the same experience in any location on any device for all your applications, securely and consistently without performance issues. We focus on the desired outcome and scenarios that matter to you. Our strategic systems recommendations are built with those scenarios in mind.

    Phone Systems and Internet Connections

    Cost savings, consolidation, and simplification of your phone system, phone bills, and internet service provider bills. Eliminating the need for expensive and complicated site-to-site connections (like MPLS, SD WAN, and VPN). A YMCA paying $4,000/month for phones with AT&T, CenturyLink, Spectrum, and Verizon recently lowered their cost to $2,600/month, all through General Networks. And their new system is more flexible, to boot!

    Need More?

    If you’re ready for the future, so are we. We can work with the systems you bring us, or we can transform your systems with the latest, including:

    • Azure Servers
    • Serverless infrastructure
    • Eliminate the need for (and cost of) VPN, MPLS, and SD WAN
    • Sonicwall Firewalls
    • Remote Desktop
    • Microsoft Teams Phone System
    • Faster & Cheaper Internet Connections at Multiple Sites
    • Single Sign-On, Passwordless Login
    • Security for your Employees’ Cellphones

    About GenCare

    GenCare is an industry-leading IT systems integrator that delivers technology consulting and managed services for customers who need to manage and process business-critical information. Backed by over 29 years of expertise, GenCare can help your organization become more efficient and reduce overhead.

    During our history, we have designed and implemented technologies that serve over a million users at 100 organizations in verticals including non-profits, healthcare, country clubs, CPAs, and manufacturers. We offer extensive business expertise designing and deploying helpdesk support, server virtualization and cloud infrastructure, Office365, VOIP phones, file servers, cybersecurity, and remote access.