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What Employee-Owned Means for...

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Our Clients

You’ll have an owner on every phone call, email, and visit. Owners see the big picture and understand how a can-do attitude finds the solution. And, you’ll find a favorite support rep from our team, just like our current clients named their favorites in our reviews.

Our Employees

We highlight long-term value over short-term gain and provide incentives for longevity at GenCare. Some of our staff have been with us for decades. Our teamwork is superior; everyone is on the ownership team, fully-vested after five years. That includes engineering, accounting, sales, and purchasing.

[ history ]

Our Employee Stock
Ownership Program (ESOP)


Founded by a husband-and-wife team


Introduced a modest profit-sharing plan


Employees became part-owners.


Current plan solidified, with staff sharing in long-term interests under 100% employee-ownership

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