But the team at GenCare knows how to work quickly.  In just one visit to your office, GenCare’s experts will measure your WiFi speeds in every room, give you a list of internet providers in your area (including speeds and costs), note unique challenges on your network, and leave you with our actionable report.

This type of report normally costs $400 but we’re offering it for free, only while our marketing budget lasts.

Your current internet speed

Speed Test by PlanHub
We’ll speed test your current connection, documenting results from different key locations.
  • Are you getting the speed listed on your bill?
  • How does it drop off in different parts of your building?
We’ll list every internet option available at your location.
  • Speed
  • Type (fiber, cable, wireless)
  • Price
Most companies would benefit from an inexpensive secondary connection. One that keeps you connected when your main connection fails. $150/month to make sure the internet doesn’t go down? Sold. We’ll tell you:
  • Can my network handle a backup connection as-is? Most can!
  • Can I use both the primary and backup connection at the same time? Again, most can!
  • Is an inexpensive and fast secondary connection available? You’ll have the answer so you can decide for yourself.
These are pretty rare, but we can confirm there aren’t any devices slowing down all of your connections.
Using the speed from an area you’re already happy with, tell us how fast the other parts of the office need to be. We’ll recommend the fixes that will get you there.
  • What’s the minimum speed you expect in any scenario or location?
  • Do you need a guest network?
  • Do you need faster hardwired connections at desks?

With all that info, you’ll have a quantified understanding of your WiFi woes and their fixes. Isn’t it about time you just fixed it?

We don’t charge for this service, and we don’t mark up the internet options we present to you.  So you don’t have anything to lose.  We don’t have anything to gain, except your trust and an introduction to the other things we do.



    Three weeks to four months depending on the provider. If they need to do construction, that can extend to a year. The best time to start is yesterday. The second best time to start is today.
    No, you’ll sign directly with the provider. We don’t get in the way. We just help you find the right connection at the right price, with no markups. Tell us what you want and we’ll send you the contract in DocuSign.
    No, you’re not signing up for these internet connections through GenCare. We’re simply providing the options and doing all the administrative legwork for you. You’ll have a direct relationship with the ISP, you’re not locked into GenCare in any way, even if you sign up with one of the ISPs we recommend.
    No, we won’t need any administrative access. Just the WiFi password you give to guests. With guest WiFi access and a walk around your office, we’ll sketch out the basics of your current situation.
    When we show up to your office, please have your current Internet bill and the key to your network closet ready.
    Rarely. Usually WiFi problems are solved by adding more WiFi units to your network. That means buying new WiFi units, installing them on the ceiling, and running cables to new locations. That requires a review of your building and your network. We’ll have some initial notes for you, and a second onsite meeting can pin down those particulars.
    In a typical modern office, each room with slow WiFi can be improved for about $650 one-time. That covers the cost of a new WiFi unit, configuration, and a new cable run. Keep that number in mind if you want to improve your wireless internet speeds. It assumes you have a modern WiFi system in place, which can accept a new broadcasting unit without added start-up cost. Companies with deferred maintenance, old systems, and thick walls will see higher figures. All this requires additional onsite visits to sort out. But keep working with us, and we’ll get it sorted out.
    Take it one step at a time.
    • 1.Note what you have today in internet connections and WiFi broadcasting.
    • 2.Note the minimum speed you’re aiming for throughout the building.
    • 3.Note the rooms that need to be improved.
    • 4.Note what’s standing in the way of that desired performance (usually WiFi placement).
    • 5.Estimate the price to effectively place additional WiFi units, and address other performance issues unique to your network.
    • 6.Get your approval on that project and meet your standards.
    The first step is a basic assessment, and you can sign up for that above.

    We’d usually charge $400 for a visit and assessment like this, but we’ve decided to dip into our marketing budget to cover these costs.  So for you, it’s free while our marketing budget lasts.  Sign up and we’ll show up.