Ah, Pasadena – that rosy corner of LA It’s really been a special part of LA for over 100 years. They used to send people out here to heal from respiratory disease, where the air was clear. And what a beautiful setting. Lovely homes, lovely people. Views of the mountains (or views from the mountains for those who head up the Mount Lowe railway).

Just down the 210 from our office, it’s been a favorite for our team to go out to lunch. In fact one of our longest-term customers is Mijares Restaurant – try their fajitas next time you have a doctor’s appointment near Huntington, they’re just down the street.

Speaking of doctors, we’ve worked for years with a medical research organization that just moved its headquarters to Pasadena. We’ve optimized their Microsoft server licensing for over 200 users, plus a huge number of servers that run in their on-prem data center. We’ve navigated all the complex if-this-then-that licensing rules in order to keep their costs down. Interpreting all those rules has saved them a ton of money, and it has involved advanced strategies like splitting their licensing and SA into separate agreements based on their anticipated continuation or cancellation of particular parts of their systems. That’s been a really tricky but rewarding balancing act of a ton of variables: products, people, physical systems, and licensing policies.

About GenCare IT Managed Services in Pasadena, CA

Perhaps your business is growing, and your in-house IT team is overwhelmed each day. Alternatively, maybe you’re experiencing frequent issues that are causing significant downtime, and you have no IT team or manager to handle it.

Whatever your IT problem, GenCare is the IT outsourcing partner you need to help you solve it. Our professionals work day and night to monitor your network and keep it running smoothly so you can confidently manage and grow your business.

For Pasadena Businesses That Need On-Site Computer and IT Support

We make it easy to access solutions that provide just what you need to tackle day-to-day projects without worry. Our team of experts focuses on:
  • Network monitoring
  • Microsoft Azure management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Backup and recovery
  • CIO consulting
With our help, you don’t have to let downtime and interruptions stop your team from getting things done.

Managed IT Services and Support

Business networks need support in three critical areas:
  1. Around-the-clock monitoring to detect threats before they arise
  2. Timely alerts that bring immediate attention to potential issues
  3. Remote management that helps tackle issues before they affect your business
We provide all these services and more. Whether you want us to augment your existing team or act as your IT department, we proactively manage your network with regular maintenance, remote helpdesk services, and in-person site visits whenever you need them. Other clients in the area reflect the diversity of the business world just down the street:

The Largest Law Firm in Pasadena

Gencare started working with this firm before they were the biggest (20 years before)! In a series of mergers since 2019, the firm has grown significantly, and made a new name for themselves (they named themselves in memory of a partner who had passed away, dropping all other named partners from their letterhead). In addition to their new name, they’ve completely reimagined their IT. They’ve gone all-in on Microsoft, adopting Azure servers to host their key applications and virtual desktops, Teams phones to connect their multiple offices to clients, and the security features in 365 to secure it all to bank standards. We’ve worked through the troubles they’ve had with these Microsoft systems as early adopters, and have greatly appreciated the partnership with their internal IT team. The challenge they’ve posed for our technical experts has made us better at what we do, without a doubt. We’ve dubbed that “collateral excellence”, the side effect of working with a client with such high standards. We look forward to years of continued challenge and response.

A Children’s Charity

We were brought in as Microsoft 365 experts to work on data migrations, and our work with them blossomed from there, much like their young participants blossomed in their programs. We’ve expanded our work to include security consulting, helping their internal IT team to understand how to use the tools they already have available to meet stringent healthcare information security standards (HIPAA). That topic became particularly important for them in a merger that doubled their employee count, and gave a great opportunity to scale with cloud technology instead of relying on servers.

A Business Accounting Firm

This firm has users who log in from both the US and Mexico, and they serve institutions with very prominent public reputations. They provide auditing services that support those reputations, and we secure the systems they use to do that. We see a direct value in our role with this firm, navigating the latest threats and industry standards for them. Our conversations often start with “This is the new technical requirement, and this is what the requirement means for you and your systems”. We focus on keeping the user experience consistent by not introducing change, and by providing quick and responsive support when something breaks.

Westridge School for Girls

We’ve worked with their internal IT team for decades now, and each new IT director that’s come along has continued to work with us. We chalk this up to the detailed records we keep along the way, which help our customers to better understand both the network they’re inheriting & the value we bring as a technology partner. We’ve recently worked with them on physical infrastructure, updating servers, switches, firewalls, and licensing those technologies.

If you’d like to meet to discuss your business, your technology, and our support, send us an email to schedule a lunch at Mijares.

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