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  • Client: RT Logic
  • Date: 8/2014
  • Info: Read how RT Logic used SharePoint 2013 to improve their process efficiency and information management

Project Booking Platform

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RT Logic is the leading supplier of innovative signal processing systems providing field-proven capabilities for communication with satellites, spacecraft, missiles, and airborne platforms. Their deep involvement with defense and aerospace means RT Logic has a complex set of contracts to manage, from client project on-boarding to product delivery. RT Logic’s business grew over the course of 18 years, and the need for process automation and centralized project data increased. RT Logic came to General Networks to assist in solving the challenges of broad adoption of a project booking platform that would improve workflow and collaboration.


The existing system had a number of shortcomings that needed to be addressed with a replacement system. First and foremost, the replacement system needed to be easily adopted by the end user. It also needed to solve the following issues:

  • Process Inefficiency – staff members were printing out documents and routing them around the building on foot or by email.
  • Reduction of Physical Documents – RT Logic was running short on storage space and patience in retrieving documents when required. Easy electronic document storage and retrieval was essential.
  • Information Management – RT Logic needed a better document architecture applied across the organization.

Of the many processes that occurred on a daily basis, RT Logic had to figure out which ones were executed frequently enough by their staff to be worth automating via a workflow system. This required a close examination of RT Logic’s process and operations. RT Logic needed a partner that had experience in bringing engineering, contracts, finance, management, and IT stakeholders together to create an online portal that could fulfill their business needs.


General Networks started with a thorough information-gathering process, conducted by the project lead with help from RT Logic stakeholders. RT Logic’s Director of Operations Jim Brandt noted: “[General Networks’] process is not unlike what we do with our customers. That made sense to us.” Adding that, “It was pretty amazing how quickly Ingrid was able to gain an understanding of our business processes.” General Networks and RT Logic chose Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Edition to build a solution. The end product included add-ons to replace SharePoint’s native wiki functionality and to automate PDF generation. The combination of InfoPath electronic form and PDF generation functionality allowed the system to collect data and task completion confirmations from multiple workflow participants via an easy to use web interface, and then produce read-only PDFs to provide auditors with a file format that is easier to store and access outside SharePoint.

“We have very happy contracts and finance teams.” – Jim Brandt, Director of Operations, RT Logic

With a focus on adoption and user buy-in, RT Logic needed a partner with both technical expertise and the ability to understand their stakeholders’ requirements. Applying lessons learned during this discovery process, General Networks built a solution that was, according to Mr. Brandt, “received very well. We’re working with a team of highly skilled people and they have high expectations.” In the end, this meant:

  • Automation of key RT Logic processes in SharePoint 2013, integrated with Epicor’s ERP system
  • Automatic PDF generation to create a digital (rather than paper) audit trail
  • Wiki add-on to replace native functionality using wiki markup language
  • A single location for project document management and collaboration


Due to a well-defined methodology and partnering through every step of the implementation, General Networks “really helped us walk through the process and understand what this was going to look like company-wide,” according to Mr. Brandt. This attention to process resulted in the end-user acceptance that RT Logic was looking for from the start, along with the business benefits of more efficient internal procedures for contract onboarding. RT Logic has finally found a replacement for their old system, one that actually lives up to its full potential. Having made the decision not to hire a full-time SharePoint administrator, RT Logic continues to work with General Networks for support of their applications and SharePoint farm.

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