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Today, more of our clients are recognizing the insight and value that can be gained from the data they’ve accumulated over the years, and are currently amassing at unprecedented rates.

Organizations have high volumes of content–structured, unstructured and semi-structured–locked away in disparate systems and repositories. They are seeking ways to aggregate, analyze and operationalize this data to improve efficiencies, innovate, and get ahead of the competition.

In an effort to help our clients tackle this Big Data challenge, the team at General Networks investigated technology platforms suited for managing today’s heterogeneous data.  We are happy to announce that, after evaluating several “new generation databases and platforms”, our team selected the MarkLogic® Enterprise NoSQL database platform.  In MarkLogic, we found the flexible, schema agnostic database that today’s data requires, along with the enterprise features our clients demand, and recently formed a partnership with MarkLogic Corporation. The alliance ensures joint customers will benefit from the MarkLogic® Enterprise NoSQL database platform and General Networks’ expertise in building enterprise content and process management solutions.

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If you are seeking ways to leverage your data for enhanced insight, better decision making, or to generate new revenue streams, let’s talk about how the power of MarkLogic, along with General Networks’ data and content management expertise, can help you accomplish your goals.