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6 Myths Around Data Science Debunked

Data science is a competitive weapon for organizations globally. Like other technologies and processes that can change the way businesses operate, there are a lot of contradictory information and myths around data science on social media, blogs, and case studies that causes considerable confusion. While most business leaders are aware of the fact that people […]

Big Data in the Real World: Retail

It’s no secret that the retail industry has faced drastic changes over the past decade.   Trends ranging from changing demographics (Millennials replacing Baby Boomers as primary customers), online sales growth while brick and mortar revenues decline, an increase in major security breaches affecting millions of customers, and customer experience failures (and wins) broadcast through social […]

Enterprise Software Requires Enterprise Quality Assurance

When companies look at investing in enterprise software, they’ll have a checklist of features and requirements for the software.  Something that’s often missing from the criteria used to evaluate a product, especially a new generation technology, is a point on quality assurance. Has the vendor established “a fantastic quality assurance process?”  Adding this to your […]

Announcement: Partnership with MarkLogic to Deliver Big Data Solutions to our Customers.

Today, more of our clients are recognizing the insight and value that can be gained from the data they’ve accumulated over the years, and are currently amassing at unprecedented rates. Organizations have high volumes of content–structured, unstructured and semi-structured–locked away in disparate systems and repositories. They are seeking ways to aggregate, analyze and operationalize this […]