General Networks created eSignifi for ServiceNow customers who want to leverage the power of DocuSign’s electronic signature solution within their existing ServiceNow workflows. Explore how this integration can enhance the value of your ServiceNow platform investment.

eSignifi Puts DocuSign into Your ServiceNow Workflows

eSignifi allows you to enable DocuSign within your ServiceNow workflow. With DocuSign, electronic signatures may be obtained from anyone, anywhere, and on any device. Without eSignifi or a custom developed integration, users must exit their ServiceNow workflow every time they need to obtain a legally binding signature to complete a process.

eSignifi is a Time Saver

Countless hours are spent preparing, sending, tracking, and reconciling documents that require signatures. Integrating DocuSign reduces the time spent on these procedures to minutes, eliminating costly and productivity killing signature related disruptions.

eSignifi Extends the Value of Your ServiceNow Investment

eSignifi keeps your end-to-end processes and document workflows inside the ServiceNow Platform. The more of your workflow that remains inside ServiceNow, the more value – and ROI – you’ll be able to extract from the platform investment.

Did We Mention that eSignifi Saves Time?

Typically, ServiceNow users today must rely on manual paper preparation and signature processes to complete agreements. The lengthy process also required coordination with end users to ensure they receive the document and send it back in a timely manner. eSignifi pushes ServiceNow data into DocuSign templates, and automatically downloads signed documents back to ServiceNow.

In the infographic –  How to Streamline and Accelerate Your Workflows with Electronic Signatures you can see how eSignifi has cut the process in half. You can save even more time by taking advantage of DocuSign’s template library, which can be automatically filled based on the vendor.

ServiceNow Workflows-eSignifi-infographic

eSignifi Works Across Departments and Use Cases

Organizations spend billions on paper each year. The cost of creating, filing, and storing paper documents could be as a high as $320 per employee per document. This number only increases when people and groups interrupt their workflow to collect, track, and reconcile signatures.

eSignifi and DocuSign reduce these costs for any organizational process that requires manual signatures. Sales teams can close deals faster. Procurement and supply chain offices can quickly complete pricing agreements. IT can leverage eSignifi to automate paper processes. HR can onboard and offboard employees in minutes.

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